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Baroque Gold Openwork 8 x 10 Frame

Was $119.98
Now $107.98 package of 8
($13.50 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Don't let your favorite photos be forgotten in a dusty drawer. Frame them in our magnificent opulent Baroque style frames and display them in your living space. Showcase your special photo in a stunning baroque style frame. The ornate swirls and twirls will delight the eye with their opulent gold…

Antique Ivory Frame with Brushed Gold Leaf

Was $215.98
Now $194.38 package of 36
($5.40 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

A special photo of a grand occasion deserves an equally special frame. Choose soft antique ivory and brushed gold leaf to display it at its best!Grand occasion photos must be treated with all the care andreverence they deserve. Ornate, classic and exclusive is the way to go and this frame is the…

Baroque Design Frames

Was $33.95
Now $26.95 package of 3
($8.98 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

An instant classic in giftware/housewares - Baroque design frames Gifts by frames are designed to be decorative enough to catch the eye while feeling rich and unique, but understated enough for mass appeal. The neutral ivory color and sophisticated styling of these frames…

Graduation Autograph Guest Book

Was $5.59
Now $4.99 each

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Whether it's to give it as a grad gift or to include it in their party planning details, shoppers are sure to think this autograph/guest book is too cool for school! That's because, with this clever and classy keepsake from Gifts by Fashioncraft, it's easy to make graduation celebration memories…

Angel Themed Glass Picture Frame

Was $42.98
Now $38.68 package of 24
($1.61 each)

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

Bring the love and guidance of a Guardian Angel to your shelves with our magnificent themed frames! Place a photo of a loved one in this stunning frame and let a Guardian Angel look after them. These frames will create a warm and comforting ambiance in your living space when you fill them with a…

Quincineara Key Chain

Was $224.98
Now $202.48 package of 144
($1.41 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Planning a Quincineara for your "Sweet Fifteen," this adorable key chain will make Mis Quince feel like a queen Fashioncraft could give you way more than 15 reasons why these sweet "15" key chains are a perfect addition to any Quincineara. There's their useful nature, their bling, their bold…

Vintage Airplane Design All Metal Key Chain in Antique Brass Color Finish

Was $166.98
Now $150.28 package of 144
($1.04 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Celebrate a destination wedding or a going away party! Offer your guests a fabulous metal airplane to wish them well on their journey. The airplane charm is made from metal and features a vintage one-propeller airplane in a rich antique brass finish. The airplane charm is connected to a key chain…

Vintage Metal Bronze Compass Design Mirror

Was $220.98
Now $198.88 package of 96
($2.07 each)

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

The perfect favor for a destination wedding or a send-off on an exotic trip. No matter which four corners of the globe you are off to, your family and friends will remember your special day with this compass compact mirror.The compact has a metal case with an antique bronze metal finish. A vintage…

Unicorn Collage

Was $161.98
Now $145.78 package of 12
($12.15 each)

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

Frame baby's sentimental photos in this adorable unicorn collage frame. Fill it up month by month and create an heirloom to last for a lifetime! The frame is made from poly resin and is hand painted in lovely pastel and bold colors with a mint background. It offers openings from birth to 11 months…

50th Design Gold Metal Key Chain

Was $215.98
Now $194.38 package of 144
($1.35 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Celebrate the magnificent achievement of a Golden Anniversary or the milestone of a 50th Birthday with friends and loved ones! Offer them a stunning key chain as a memento!The keychain is made from all metal with an opulent golden finish. It features a charm in the shape of a number 50 embellished…

Guardian Angel Key Ring Favor

Was $123.98
Now $111.58 package of 144
($0.77 each)

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

Add a heavenly spirit of love, care and guidance to your next special event with these angel key rings! If you are looking for classy and unique favor for your next event, these stunning angel key rings from our exclusive range are the perfect choice. Your guests will be delighted to take home the…

Choice Crystal Collection Crystal Glass Globe with Key Chain

Was $229.98
Now $206.98 package of 144
($1.44 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Keep the world in your pocket with this pure glass globe!Add an upmarket and sophisticated touch to your event tables when you offer your guests this magnificent globe as a favor.Crafted from pure clear glass, this stunning globe features a frosted map design of the continents overlaid with frosted…

Baby Girl Themed Frame

Was $125.95
Now $82.95 package of 80
($1.04 each)

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

Word is, this baby girl themed frame is absolutely precious Got a baby girl or have one on the way? Oh baby - has the perfect favor to help you celebrate her special day! And whether it's a Christening, baby shower, first birthday or for a special way to deliver your…

Wooden Snowman Ornament

Was $1.09
Now $0.89 each

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

Decorating your Christmas tree has never been easier, with our great selection of Christmas ornaments we have all you need to make your tree decorating fun, in-expensive, and beautiful. Whether you are planning on decorating with all the same style ornaments or a variety we have what you are…

Baby Girl's First Year Collage Frames

Was $51.95
Now $36.95 package of 3
($12.32 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Baby Girl's First Year collage frames honor a year to remember It's baby's first year and it's a year full of firsts - first tooth, first steps, first word and so much more. And, it's also a year when growth and change is so fast that, from one month to the next, pictures capture something new…

Magnificent Celebrate Silver 25th Debossed 4 x 6 Frame

Was $215.98
Now $194.38 package of 36
($5.40 each)

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

Show off your photos of a momentous 25th occasion in a silver debossed frame. It is something to be proud of! A Silver wedding anniversary, a 25th birthday, 25 years at a job, these are occasions to be celebrated! Our magnificent frame will show off your special pictures for any Silver event. The…

Regal Favor Collection Cross Themed Frames

Was $133.95
Now $87.95 package of 40
($2.20 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Add these Regal Favor Collection cross themed frames to an occasion that's nothing short of a blessing For religious occasions or any event where you want to add a memento that's fits for a king or queen, this elegant frame is a spirited choice. The pewter-finish metal frame measures 4.5" x 3.5"…

Adorable Baby Elephant with Blue Design Key Chain

Was $238.98
Now $215.08 package of 144
($1.49 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

This adorable baby elephant key chain favor will thrill Mum. She can keep it with her at all times to remind her of baby's birthday, his Christening or his baby shower. The little elephant is made from sturdy poly resin and is painted in a light grey with white ears and feet. He has a huge smile on…

Tassel Key Chains with Anchor or Ships Wheel

Was $639.98
Now $575.98 package of 128
($4.50 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Transform your keys from the everyday into something fabulous with a nautical themed charm and tassel. You will want to keep showing them off at very opportunity! This nautical-inspired keychain features a tassel made from leatherette that is attached to a gold deluxe key ring and a gold color…

Circus Tent Bank

Was $215.98
Now $194.38 package of 24
($8.10 each)

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

Let your little ones learn about saving from a young age with this sentimental circus tent bank.Three delightful carousel horses on roundabout pillars prance on this box, reminiscent of a fabulous fun fair and relaxed days in the sun. A colorful circus tent top adds a perfect finish to the…

Multicolored Ceramic Plane Banks

Was $43.95
Now $28.95 package of 4
($7.24 each)

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

There's nothing plain about these plane banks Sky's the limit on the show-stopping attributes of these high flying plane banks. They're loaded with bright colors, carved details, polka dot and striped patterns and more. Offered exclusively from Gifts by, the…

Black and Silver Graduation 2 x 3 Mini Frame

Was $269.98
Now $242.98 package of 108
($2.25 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Make your event tables look super special with these unique graduation themed frames to indicate seating numbers. The frames also make great favors for guests to take home. These mini frames are made from metal. They feature the words 'Graduation - Follow your dreams' with a white graphic scroll…

Elegant Ivory with Rose Gold Rub Lattice 4 x 6 Frame

Was $215.98
Now $194.38 package of 36
($5.40 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

These elegant ivory frames make the perfect display for your table numbers and set the scene for an opulent vintage-themed event!The frame is made from poly resin and features a exquisitely detailed lattice work design. Each frame is hand painted in an ivory color and finished with a rose gold…

Pink and Gold Photo Frame / Placecard Frame

Was $229.98
Now $206.98 package of 100
($2.07 each)

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

Decorate your event tables with delicate pink and white placecard holders with a golden glitter flower in the corner for a touch of bling. Your guests can take the frames home to display a photo of your special day! The frame is made from poly resin and is finished in a light pink color with…

Sort By: Items 1 - 24 of 391 Items per page:  |  Page: 1 234
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