4th of July

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Stars And Stripes Porcelain Steins

$260.99 set of 6
($43.50 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

This white porcelain body stein features the decoration of the American flag which wraps around the entire body of the stein. Gold bands and a decorative pewter lid add the finishing touches to this classic piece. German Beer Steins are not only great for drinking, but also great decorative pieces.…

Glass Starbottom Steins

$231.99 set of 8
($29.00 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Perfect for personalizing on the body or the lid. The smooth, sturdy glass body is tapered and has a starburst light-reflecting pattern on the bottom. The smooth, heavy-gauge pewter lid is removable! The stein has a special threaded hinge pin. The lid is easily removed and re-attached by simply…

Glass USA Steins

$175.99 set of 4
($44.00 each)

In Stock & Ready To Ship

For many of us, being American is a celebration of our uniquely rich, diverse and integrated nation. As our country's motto states, E. PLURIBUS UNUM (FROM MANY, ONE) we are truly a nation of mixed ethnic and ancestral backgrounds. Because of our proud, united heritage, we celebrate the United…

USA Panorama Stein

$218.99 each

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Stoneware, hand painted raised relief decoration. This stein features a myriad of landmarks from around the United States including: the Big Apple, the White House, the Gate to the West, the Liberty Bell, Hollywood, the Statue of Liberty, Cape Canaveral, Mount Rushmore, Capitol Hill, Las Vegas, the…

Sort By: Items 1 - 4 of 4 Items per page:  |  Page: 1