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Fire Extinguisher Squirt Gun

$1.99 each

In Stock & Ready To Ship

A great gift for any child who wants to be a fire fighter. The fire extinguisher squirt gun is 9" tall and holds 16 ounces of water. This squirt gun is a fun toy or gift giveaway for a fire fighter party. With real squirt gun action this water gun is a fun toy for any child who loves pretending to…

Pirate Squirt Gun

$3.59 each

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Complete your pirate costume right with this pirate squirt gun. The pirate gun has detailed designs on the handle giving it an authentic look. Squirt your friends with this pirate gun or just carry around the pirate squirt gun, whatever you choose this is a great accessory for your pirate costume.…

Cowboy Western Squirt Gun

$4.89 each

Ships In 1–2 Weeks

The western squirt gun that's ready to be drawn. Practice your wild west shooting with this great western cowboy squirt gun. A fun and safe alternative to cap guns the western squirt gun can shoot up to 25 feet. This western gun slingers gun is a great accessory to your Halloween costume and is…

Aqua Shot Water Blaster

$3.89 each

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Are you throwing a summer, holiday, or birthday party? Did you forget about party favors? Party favors may seem unimportant, but they actually tell your guests that you care. We've got you covered with our Aqua Shot Water Blaster, a water blaster that will keep your friends, family, and coworkers…

Sort By: Items 1 - 4 of 4 Items per page:  |  Page: 1